Monday, April 19, 2010


I'm at work.  It's quite slow.  I was going to catch up on my Hulu queue (Cougar Town ain't gonna watch itself people) then I decided I should make as much of a post as possible while no one wants coffee.

"Back to school, back to school..." Billy Madison had reasons, I'm beginning to wonder what mine are.  There's a Music Therapy program at a college south of my new favorite city, Portland, that I am considering transferring to but; it's more expensive, it's another new place and what if I go and music therapy turns out to be a bunch of horse shit?  I guess at least I'll be in Portland.  Ugh.  Research.  Decisions. Life.  All things I hate doing stuff with.  Oh well, I'll always have coffee.

Current school craps are busy as the more adult word for "craps."  Why I thought I would be able to handle  eight classes and a part time job I don't know.  I'm going to blame the dutch.  They're far away and can't do anything about it.   No, I'll blame that pesky Icelandic volcano.  It's causing so many problems I'm sure mine are part of them.  I am looking forward to a few things this quarter, the choirs will be performing at Benaroya Hall in May which is pretty fancy cool, and I'm learning the cello AND taking voice lessons.  It'll be nice to be tri-musical. (to a point)

I wish I could say more was happening in my life, but not.  June will be here swiftly enough and shortly after that I'm sure I'll be begging for school to start again, if only so I can get some student loans.

Good night y'all.  Sleep well, but not in one.


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Oh, hello.

While I realize I need to make a frrl (that's "for real" for you non-let'sallruintheenglishlanguage types out there) post... not tonight.  For tonight, I am drunk.  And not any kind of drunk, but a special kind.  I'm wine drunk.  Wine drunk is an interesting phenonomon.  For instance, it allows you to remember word like "phenonomon" but forces you to spell them in ways that the little red grammar police *that would be those pesky lines underneath words typed too quickly* don't recognize.  (I'm going to say shame on the dictionary programers here, I'm pretty sure I spelled that in some phonetic way.)  When did italics happen?  Anyway.... where was I going with this.... oh yeah.

I just sent this to someone over skype and I think I lol'd at it.

when you're wine drunk... mostly verydarkbrownalmostblack pizza isn't half bad.

hahaha, yup.  That was it.  OH LORD THIS IS ANNOYING.  Ah, much better.

So, the lesson of today kids; "When you're wine drunk, mostly verydarkbrownalmostblack pizza isn't half bad."

Sleep well, but not in one.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Pomplamoose; not just for Grapefruits anymore.

There's really no point in making music anymore, they've already done it better than you could imagine.

If you liked that one you should try their "Telephone" cover.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lazy Wednesdays, Links and a Katamari Cake

I'm copping out on a real post today because it's the week before finals and have to finish papers early so I can go home this weekend. As I've recently become a member of 20something bloggers (ans gave up Facebook for Lent) I've been skipping around the unterwebs for things to read. Here are some of them;

1. There's this girl Jill. She's pretty frickin' hysterical and you should read about her life in Alska at "The Great White North" This one is my favorite, and not just 'cause Jill's my BFF The Second and plutonic valentine who occasionally mentions me.

2. Becca is rad too, she's over at "The Dauntless Muse." She's my BFF The First... and also mentions me occasionally. Notice a pattern?

3. NO YOU DON'T, it's coincidence because "Cute with Chris" won't mention me until he has to take out a restraining order agrees to collaborate with me.  I would take so many cute pictures. with him.

4. I've made a few friends over at 20somethings and both Ben of "No Ordinary Rollercoaster"* and Amber of "LeMeh" are wonderful people** who should be read everyday.  Amber is a mom who I a little wish was my mom 'cause she's sarcastic and dry and those are some of my favorite things.  Ben is hilarious and Canadian and I've a softness for Canada ever since I went there and liked it better than here places.

5. Last thing is "Cake Wrecks" where I found the following picture.  1000 words GO:
(Found by Christina H. and made by Mike's Amazing Cakes)

So go; read and be learned.

*I know that Roller Coaster is really two words, but quotes fix things.
**They might be a little put off at being called "wonderful" but I've a good feeling that it's true.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I love crayons. I bought a new box yesterday; I don't know how I'm going to use them, but I can open the box and look at all of their perfect colors and perfect points and it makes me happy. Maybe I'll just keep them that way for a while, then invite people over and we'll have a coloring party. That could be fun.

Monday, March 08, 2010


I was eating pudding, and then I laughed so hard that I was drooling a little and now I need to do laundry but seriously this is funny.

In other news, I'm afraid that when I get back from spring break my house will be a writhing mass of spiders.

Editor's Note: Never, EVER, do a google image search for "writhing mass of spiders." Some things aren't worse in the imagination.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Why I will love iTunes until it sucks me dry.

Because Genius really is becoming it's namesake.

Let me explain;

I've been hearing all sorts of wonderful things about Vampire Weekend's new album "Contra." (out Jan., 11th; GET IT NOW) So, today being a lazy Sunday and all I figured I'd pop by the increasingly convenient iTunes store and see what all the hype was about. The first words of the first song are, "In December, drinking Horchata... I look psychotic in a Balaclava." I bought it immediately. Who doesn't love psychotic looking, Balaclava wearing, Horchata drinking men who can sing! I mean, come ON! SO, I purchased that... went through the little payment form and what not and presto chango, I own a wonderful CD! Hooray!

Then the shit hit the fan.

In the past, iTune's "You may also like" suggestions have been a mix-and-match of the current Top 40 which.. just ain't my cup o' tea. Great for dance parties though.... Anyway, up pops the new OK Go album. The first time I bought a Vampire Weekend CD, I also purchased OK Go's self-titled and they have been joined at my mind's hip ever since. I was intrigued, I said,"iTunes... when did you be so clever?" I bit, and bought. Then it happened again... and again.... and.. well you get the idea. I didn't really have an extra hundred bucks around but that's what credit cards are for.... right?

P.S. Look at my previous post for a music video of OK Go's "This too shall pass." It's a large step up in complexity, but no less entertaining, then that time they figured out how treadmills work.